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Medela Enteral Feeding Syringes Acacia NeonatalNuTrio Enteral Safety Feeding System Overview:
The Ultimate in Enteral Safety

Acacia® Neonatal engineered an advanced level of designed I.V. luer incompatibility with the NuTrio Enteral Feeding System and its TwistLok connector. One of the few complete enteral systems on the market today, the NuTrio Enteral Feeding System offers an enteral feeding end-to-end product line made to exacting safety standards for the improved outcomes of your neonatal patients.

NuTrio syringes, feeding tubes and extension sets are available in the wide range of sizes, materials and optional medport configurations your neonatal intensive care unit requires to meet the needs of those in your care. All NuTrio syringes, extension sets and feeding tubes are available with TwistLok connectors, which offer threefold safety precautions: prevent misconnections, reduce disconnections, and a hub design that can withstand repeated connecting.





NuTrio Enteral Feeding System clinical users across the country enjoy the safety and versatility of the system.
Here are just a few of their reviews:

Acacia Neonatal NuTrio Enteral Feeding System


  • Safe
    The NuTrio Enteral Feeding System provides secure locking
    connections to eliminate misconnections and disconnections.
  • Eliminates Disconnections
    Unlike slip fit connections that may accidentally come apart and
    waste precious breastmilk, the TwistLok hubs stay connected
    even when wet or under tension, until they are manually twisted apart.
  • Sterile
    All NuTrio syringes, extension sets and feedings tubes are sterile.
  • Easy To Clean
    TwistLok threads are designed to be exposed for
    easy cleaning without changing standard hospital procedure.
  • Flexible
    System allows connectivity with other enteral systems
    while remaining incompatible with I.V. Luers.
  • Compliant
    Follows all the enteral safety standards as outlined by the
    Joint Commission guidelines on enteral feeding.
  • Non-DEHP, Latex Free.

Neonatal Enteral Safety - NuTrio

Neonatal Enteral Safety - NuTrio TwistLok

Fit – Unique TwistLok design will NOT stretch out slip fit feeding tubes while remaining incompatible with I.V. luers.

Transport – The TwistLok cap offers the most secure fit for transportation between feeding preparation and bedside.
Neonatal Enteral Safety - NuTrio Syringe Neonatal Enteral Safety - NuTrio System Medication Port
Safety – The NuTrio Enteral Safety System is color coded orange for easy identification. Medication Port – Optional Y-port for easy medication delivery.
Neonatal Enteral Safety - NuTrio TwistLok Neonatal Enteral Safety - NuTrio Connectors
TwistLok Connection – Extension sets feature the same secure TwistLok connections as the system’s feeding tubes and syringes. Flexibility – The TwistLok connection is compatible with most enteral feeding systems, avoiding costly supply chain interruptions.
Enteral Safety - NuTrio TwistLok Enteral Safety - NuTrio Printed Hub
Easy To Clean – The smooth exposed threads of the TwistLok are easy to clean using the hospital’s existing protocol. Printed Hub – Feeding tubes feature clearly marked French Sizes right on hub.
Enteral Safety - NuTrio Silicone Feeding Tube  
Gentle – Super soft silicone feeding tubes with open tips and side holes features smooth finished edges.



Safety Enteral Connectors: The ENFit Connector and how it meets the upcoming ISO standards:

2016 will bring changes to enteral feeding connectors, due to the ISO 80369-3 standards to improve the safety of enteral feeding. At Medela, our highest goal is to ensure patient safety. We have made plans to adopt the ENFit enteral feeding connector throughout the 2015 year, not only to meet patient safety goals, but to also allow facilities ample opportunity to make the transition from previous connectors to the new ENFit connectors. We will bring this new technology to you as it is passed through ISO in a time-efficient manner, while continuing to offer the product integrity you have come to expect from Medela. Learn more here.


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In addition to these safety enteral delivery disposables, the NuTrio line now offers the new NuTrio Guardian Warmer, which warms an enteral feed while it is delivered. This results in a consistently warmed feed with no milk pre-warming time required. Learn more here!


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